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Do you remember what it was like to be a kid? I remember learning how to ride the bicycle for the first time, and what it was like to fall and scrape my knees. I remember being closely acquainted with my first aid kit — applying iodine medicine to my cuts and open wounds, quickly blowing on them…

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Love em. TIL that only 1/10 are spicy, so you can’t tell which one until you eat it. Life is so random

Sometimes we lack the strength to communicate the things that matter, and we end up whispering the things want to shout.

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“This gorgeous Hälssen & Lyon calendar is made of brewable tea. Each day is made of fine pressed wafer thin tea leaves.”



paperless-littlekiss NEEDS THIS.

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Japanese artist Takahiro Iwasaki transforms rolls of duct tape into complicated topographical maps and stray threads into tiny, astonishingly intricate sculptures. Carnival rides that might just be big enough for a flea emerge from sheets and towels while itty-bitty electrical towers rise up out of toothbrush bristles.

Visit Colossal to view more of Takahiro Iwasaki’s awesome artwork.

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Frying Pan Planets

Photos of the bottom of frying pans by Christopher Jonassen, a Norwegian Photographer. 

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